Ho:Two Basic Schools Lose Roofing In Tempest 

Ho:Two Basic Schools Lose Roofing In Tempest 



Two basic schools in the Ho municipality have suffered major roof damage during a rainstorm the Wednesday March 3, 2022. Mr Divine Bosson, Ho Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), who went on an assessment tour, found some pupils of the two basic schools, EP Bankoe cluster of schools and the Ho SSNIT Flats Presby Basic


School, displaced. The Classes one A and B of the EP Bankoe School were found with half their roofs torn off, leaving pupils at the mercy of the weather. The storm detached the whole roofing unit of a classroom block of the SSNIT Flats School and then carried it several yards across the compound, also tearing the roof of another



classroom in the process before landing after a close to a family residence nearby. Pupils from four classes, basic one to three and basic six, have been forced to study under the shade of trees. Books and other study material had been soaked by the rain and teachers and pupils were seen salvaging them to be dried out in the



sun. Heads of both schools reported no casualties as schools were out of session during the storm. The MCE, who was in the company of the City's engineers and all the officers of the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO), ordered roofing sheets to be provided for the affected schools for also immediate



reconstruction. He said the Assembly would enforce laws surrounding the erection of physical structures and would ensure that buildings and other structures were of the required integrity. The rainstorm, which started at around 1600 hours and raged for less than an hour, with strong winds that collapsed more than 20



major advertising billboards in the Municipality and caused varying degrees of damage to the roofs of homes. Similar devastation was recorded across the Volta and Oti Region, which many had described as a rare occurrence or climate change induced.