I am mostly criticised, sidelined because of my work - Mama Zimbi

I am mostly criticised, sidelined because of my work - Mama Zimbi



Renowned broadcaster Akumaa Mama Zimbi says she is not getting the respect she deserves because of her line of work.Akumaa who is popularly known for her controversial radio show ‘Odo Ahomaso’ (Love Line) on Adom FM, said on Daybreak Hitz that she always gets criticised by people who believe her show seeks to damage the mindset of young people.



She stated that many people do not listen to her show in full but form opinions based on snippets of what they see posted on social media.“I’ve been to programs, sat by people and they’ve gotten up. They think its a syndrome hence they would be poisoned,” she told Andy Dosty, host of the show.



Odo Ahomaso, according to her, goes beyond sexual education to personal hygiene, everyday etiquette, marital issues and many others.The award-winning broadcaster, born Joyce Akumaa Padi, said that there are times she had difficulty getting resource persons on the show.



Akumaa added that some of her resource persons admire the work she does hence are willing to come on the show although it runs late into the night.She nevertheless stressed that these criticisms about her show will never deter her from speaking the truth.



Akumaa said, “if what I was educating was bad, people would not be doing the same thing (shows) and people still talk about it.”She added that many of these people who criticise her and her work are “perishing”, “dying” and losing their significant others.According to her, the truth is bitter and painful but she has a mission of helping people to accomplish.