I Am Very Saddened In My Heart - Kumawu NDC Parliamentary Candidate

I Am Very Saddened In My Heart - Kumawu NDC Parliamentary Candidate
Akwasi Amankwaa



NDC Parliamentary Candidate for the Kumawu, Akwasi Amankwaa, says he is very saddened by the alleged incidents of vote buying in the just-concluded Kumawu bye-election. According to him, the alleged incidents do not bode well for Ghana’s political and also democratic development. There are videos everywhere, I saw some with my own two eyes…it doesn’t speak well of politics, it doesn’t speak well of us as Ghanaians to be doing things like that, he said. He accused the ruling New Patriotic Party of buying the future of the Kumawu youth cheaply.



It’s a very sad day for the Kumawu politics and Ghana politics because I’m thinking about the future of the youth, to sell their futures for GH¢50 and the NPP party…I’m just trying to be very careful with my choice of words because it’s very pathetic. It’s a very sad day because people deliberately buying votes, buying people’s future for GH¢50, for GH¢20, I am very very saddened in my heart,” he said. Allegations of vote buying had characterized the just-ended Kumawu bye-elections which saw the NPP’s Ernest Yaw Anim win a landslide victory.



The two major political parties had taken turns accusing each other of inducing voters with gifts and cash to vote for their preferred candidates. Earlier, Mr. Amankwaa claimed he had caught NPP polling agents at Anananya near Bodomase distributing GH¢50 notes to some electorates close to the voting center. There are instances where we saw, I think, one of the polling stations, Anananya, they had a table about 200 meters away from the polling station, dishing out GH¢50 notes to people and then escorting them to the ballot boxes, some pretending to be blind, some pretending to be insane.



It is very pathetic,. On the other hand, some Kumawu residents have also accused the NDC of engaging in the same tactics. It is true that the NPP people are sharing money here, but the NDC also did same yesterday and shared medicine, spraying machine, a constituent alleged. According to Mr. Amankwaa he had alerted the electoral officials to the happenings, but that proved futile. We raised the alarm to the electoral officers, and their excuse was ‘look, we’ve not seen it with our own eyes and we don’t have any proof of it. They’re not here.’ Some of them I will even point them out to them and they’re like ‘well, they’re not here. So technically we can’t see them.’