I Never Said We Need E-Levy To Evacuate Ghanaians In Ukraine – Afenyo-Markin

I Never Said We Need E-Levy To Evacuate Ghanaians In Ukraine – Afenyo-Markin



The Member of Parliament for the Effutu constituency, Alexander Afenyo-Markin has denied reports that he stated in Parliament that the controversial E-levy must be passed to also ensure the evacuation of Ghanaians caught up in the aggression in Ukraine. His office in a statement described such reports as mischief, false


news and unethical journalism. The deputy Majority Leader, while making a submission on the floor of the Parliament on Thursday about the situation in Ukraine and the fate of Ghanaians living there, talked about the need to evacuate the Ghanaians and the fact that the government needs resources to undertake such an



activity. He then later mentioned that the E-levy was important for the government to raise needed revenue to undertake activities such as the evacuation. There is going to be pressure on the limited resources that we have and as a nation, Ghanaian businesses who are supposed to do well to pay taxes they are also going to



suffer, their businesses will not do well the way they expect, their projections will also be affected, that is the reality and I must bring this to the attention of all of us so that any policy that will be brought will be seen in that light. Of course Honourable Deputy Minority leader, you have not spoken into the mic but if you are talking



about the E-levy, this is the more important reason why we need it. If you are talking about the E-levy, that was next point I was getting to, that we should congregate around it and find a way of generating revenue as a country to save the situation because we are not in normal times. Haruna Iddrisu couldn’t have raised this



matter at a better time than now, he also said while commenting on the situation in Ukraine. But he has denied stating that he made a case for the passage of the E-levy to ensure the evacuation of the Ghanaians.