I Will Be Very Careful Supporting #FixTheCountry Openly – Manasseh Azure

I Will Be Very Careful Supporting #FixTheCountry Openly – Manasseh Azure
Manasseh Azure



Anti-graft campaigner, Manasseh Azure has indicated his hesitation to openly support the #FixTheCountry Movement following arrest of one of their conveners. Oliver Barker-Vormawor, a convener of the movement has been arrested and is facing charges of treason following an alleged ‘coup-inciting’ comment he made


on the social media. His comment was also in reaction to footage of an e-levy designed cake which was cut during the 65th birthday celebration of the Majority Leader, Kyei Mensah Bonsu. According to Manasseh, Barker-Vormawor’s statement is very reprehensible and I think it is extremely unfortunate. And what he has



done beyond the legality and everything else is really hurting the movement he’s leading because from now onwards I will be very very careful in pushing for, or supporting FixTheCountry Movement openly which I’ve always done because I don’t know the intention of those people leading it - some people like him. And so I think



it is very unfortunate, he said. He explained that though it may seem Mr. Barker-Vormawor is in no position to carry out a coup, his comments could also encourage potential coup plotters to go ahead with their nefarious plan. If you look at every coup maker, they often want to look at the atmosphere. Every one of them also wants



legitimacy. Are the people in this country ready for a coup? And that is the psychology with which they also proceed to act. If they know overwhelmingly that Ghanaians will not support a coup it will be very difficult for them to do it. But if they know well FixTheCountry movement, young people they’re all clamoring to a coup



they will sit somewhere and say well if we strike we’re going to get people to support us. So it goes beyond what that individual has said or what he can do, but it also has to do with the kind of atmosphere, the kind of mentality that you prepare the minds of coup makers. He may also have nothing to do with it, but somebody



somewhere is sitting down waiting for the most opportune time to act, he explained. So what he has said is extremely unfortunate, condemnable and I admire his work so much but this is not something I’ll ever support, he reiterated.