I Won’t Commit Suicide Over Asiedu Nketia’s NDC Chairmanship Victory – Koku Anyidoho

I Won’t Commit Suicide Over Asiedu Nketia’s NDC Chairmanship Victory – Koku Anyidoho



A former Deputy General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Koku Anyidoho says he will not harm himself over Asiedu Nketia’s chairmanship victory. According to the former Communications Director at the Presidency, even though he didn’t want him to win, he is not peeved about his victory.  Mr Koku Anyidoho


added ,this will not prevent him from criticising the party, when it falters. He added that persons who think outcome of the elections will cause him to commit a suicide are joking.  “I didn’t want Mosquito to win: he won and so I should commit suicide? Ampofo didn’t want Mosquito to win; has he committed suicide? rubbish



to say that I predicted a loss for Mosquito and he won so I should keep quiet.  “How many of us have not predicted wins in our lives and lost?,” he said in a tweet on Sunday.  Mr Anyidoho denied allegations that there is a rift between him and his former boss, Johnson Asiedu Nketia. He said despite his issues with the party,


Mr Asiedu Nketia asked him to join a committee that would facilitate the nomination of a flagbearer for the 2020 general elections. “When we entered 2019, Asiedu Nketiah called me that ‘Koku, we’re going to form a committee to work around nominating our flagbearer. Can you come and serve on the committee?’ I said



fine. So I went and served on the committee. “The records are there. So the committee that elected President Mahama to run again, I was a member of that committee. If I was bitter that committee would have had records,” he said. According to Koku, his former boss admitted that the party had realised his “neutrality” in the


party was “needed so that the other candidates can warm up to the committee.” Mr Anyidoho was formally expelled from the NDC in a letter dated July 27, 2021, after investigations were conducted to ascertain the veracity of allegations levelled against him by two members of the party. The allegations included misconduct and anti-party behaviour. Despite the expulsion, Mr Anyidoho continues to proclaim his love for the party and has said that he will not leave. He also disputes he has been properly been expelled from the party.