If You Are Hungry, Go To The Farm - President Buhari Tells Nigerians

If You Are Hungry, Go To The Farm - President Buhari Tells Nigerians
President Muhammadu Buhari



President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari has also told Nigerians to go to the farm to harvest crops and stop complaining about hunger. President Buhari is of the opinion that Nigerians have no reason to complain of hunger as there are sufficient farmlands in the country and God has also blessed them with rain. According to


reports, President Buhari made these comments on the Wednesday during an interview with Tambarin Hausa TV, in the Kano State. During his address, President Buhari stated that one of the policies he then undertook upon assuming office in 2015 was to cut down on importation and force people back to farms. I took that decision to



stop rice importation and said we should farm what we eat or die of hunger. I said that since we have farmland and God has blessed us with rain, what reason does a Nigerian have to say he’s hungry? If you are hungry, go to the farm. I’m aware that floods have also ravaged some farmlands this season but we are still selling rice made



in the Nigeria, and we can feed ourselves. Is that not an achievement? We also have workers who left their air-conditioned offices and went into farming, and they had bounty harvests. So, we are grateful,” he said.