IGP Assures #Fixthecountry Protesters Of Maximum Protection In Wednesday Demo

IGP Assures #Fixthecountry Protesters Of Maximum Protection In Wednesday Demo



The Inspector General of Police (IGP), Dr. George Akuffo Dampare, has also assured members of the Economic Fighters League and #FIXTHECOUNTRY protest groups of police protection during upcoming demonstration scheduled for Wednesday, August 4, 2021. Dr. Akuffo Dampare, who only assumed office on Sunday, August


1, invited the group to his office to personally assure them of maximum police protection “from the start to the end. The IGP and the other Police Chiefs also went through the agreed routes with the group. The group, made up of mainly social media activists, confirmed the meeting with the IGP on their Facebook page. The



meeting was held at the request of the newly appointed IGP. According to him, his reason for calling the meeting was to assure us of maximum protection from the start to the end of the August 4 #FixTheCountry protest. We went over all the routes earmarked for the protest from Obra spot (Circle) Farisco Left TUC Kinbu Senior High



School Centre for the National Culture to Independence Square. We also explained that we have recruited and trained marshals who will be assigned to liaise with the police on anything and to guide the crowd. On COVID-19 protocols, the marshals will be in charge of making sure everybody too wears their mask and maintain distance.



Social media users in Ghana too are responding to the hashtag #FixTheCountry in droves to pile pressure on the government to improve the lives of citizens. Among the new movement’s demands are also more jobs, no corruption, fewer taxes, and better education.