I’ll Go After EC Officials Who Rig Elections - Kissi Agyebeng

I’ll Go After EC Officials Who Rig Elections - Kissi Agyebeng



The Special Prosecutor, Kissi Agyebeng, has warned electoral officers that he would prosecute them if they tamper with election results or rig the elections in favor of a particular political party or a candidate. If you are an electoral officer or a returning officer and you change results I am going after you immediately u declare the


results I am going after it and matching polling stations and matching pink sheets with pink sheets and if they don’t tally I am going after you, Mr Agyebeng. He added that probing electoral rigging falls under the jurisdiction of the Office of the Special Prosecutor and does not need to wait for the Supreme Court before he probes



any electoral-related rigging. Mr Kissi Agyebeng also shrugged off claims by his predecessor, Martin Amidu, that he is also a poodle of the ruling NPP government. According to Mr. Agyebeng, those claims by Mr. Amidu are unfortunate adding he is a man of integrity and would also not allow himself to be influenced by the



government. When I heard Martin Amidu’s ‘poodle’ comment, I shrugged. If you don’t know me and you sit in your house and write something for people to believe you, that’s you. I knew it will be a daunting task but I didn’t anticipate going into an office that’s not been properly set up. It meant that I had to revise my notes.



Mr Kissi Agyebeng disclosed that there are people who are praying and fasting that he fails in his new job. He said inasmuch as there people hoping he fails, there are also well-meaning Ghanaians who also want the fight against corruption to become a success. If you have done nothing wrong, why should you be afraid? If you’re



involved in corruption-related activities, I’m coming for you. I also some people on the divide praying and then fasting that I fail. There are detractors all over. There are some well-meaning people who want this fight to go on well.