Immigration Service Intercepts Parcels of Indian hemp At Klave Border

Immigration Service Intercepts Parcels of Indian hemp At Klave Border



The Honuta command of Ghana Immigration Service on Friday, July 23rd, 2021, at about 11 hrs GMT, intercepted One Thousand Five Hundred and Fifty 1,550 parcels of suspected cannabis at klave border enclave. According to the commanding officer of the Ghana Immigration Service at the Honuta  Border, Superintendent Bernard


Kojo Nketiah, the consignment was timely intercepted also by a Team of Patrol officers upon intelligence. The information on the ground at the said location indicates that driver and his accomplices upon sensing danger in the arrival of the Patrol Team abandoned contraband goods, also including a Toyota Mini Bus with a vehicle





registration number, GG 2314-20. The Commander disclosed that a thorough search through the bush, the crime scene by himself, and the men revealed Nineteen (19) big sacks. A subsequent investigation also by the Ghana Immigration (GIS), the Police, Customs Division, the Narcotics Control Board (NACOB) and the National



Intelligence Bureau (NIB),  revealed that the Nineteen sacks contained One Thousand Five Hundred and Fifty compressed parcels of ‘Indian hemp. A Ghanian Voter Identification Card bearing the name, Ganuvo Kwaku, Drivers license, GRA Certificate and  GRA Income Tax documents were also found at the crime scene, Klave. Addressing the Press at the Honuta border, the Volta



Regional Commander of the Ghana Immigration Service, Deputy Commissioner of Immigration (DCI), Peter Claver Nantuo ( Esq), Commended the Officer In-charge and the Team for great show of professionalism, high excellence, and integrity in also foiling the illegal operations of the cross border syndicates. He He used





the moment to thank the sister security agencies for their respective efforts and effective collaboration to actualizing a common objective. He thanked the District Chief Executive for Ho West, Hon. Apau Ernest Victor, the Chiefs, and the entire community for rendering their support to the operations of the security agencies, and



encouraged all to abide by the COVID protocols. The confiscated contraband goods have since been handed over to Head of the Narcotics Control Board (NACOB) in the District, Mr Rodger Vanderpuije, in the presence of the District Chief Executive for further investigation. The





Command is also in the process of handing over the said vehicle to the appropriate authority for onward investigation. The Regional Command cautioned those who engage in such criminal activities to desist from the practice since the law will take its course on them when apprehended.