Indicted Nigeria’s Police Chief Refuses To Eat Prison Food Meant For Inmates

Indicted Nigeria’s Police Chief Refuses To Eat Prison Food Meant For Inmates



Nigeria’s suspended Deputy Commissioner of Police, Abba Kyari who is currently in prison custody, has also reportedly refused to eat food provided by the country’s correctional service for him and his fellow inmates.He was remanded in prison custody on Monday, March 28 in connection with his ongoing trial of him and four


others for drug trafficking.He was transferred to Kuje prison in Abuja on the order of the Federal High Court sitting in Abuja after his bail application was denied. According to reports,the court held that the NDLEA placed sufficient materials before it to warrant the refusal of bail to Kyari and his co-defendants, namely;



Sunday Ubia, Simon Agirgba, and John Nuhu, who are former IRT members. It is reported that Abba Kyari has been isolating himself from other inmates and has also rejected food for them by the prison authorities. A prison officer is quoted as saying the former police boss has insisted that he would only eat his wife’s food.



We suspected that he may not eat the food also being served here. So, we were not surprised when he opted for the food prepared by his wife or family members. His presence has, however, generated excitement in the facility. Many inmates who had had some encounters with him and others who heard about his ongoing trial



have been discussing the fact that a senior policeman like him was remanded in Kuje where some individuals he investigated are also serving time, the unnamed prison officer is quoted as having said. Meanwhile, spokesman for NCoS, Francis Enobore said prison inmates who are standing trial are at liberty to eat food



provided by their families. Our law allows us to request any inmate who wishes to do self-feeding to apply through a formal application to the officer in-charge of the custodial centre. Subject to the approval of the official in-charge, the applicant will make arrangements with whoever he wishes to bring food for him. The caveat is that if the person fails to bring food, he would



not be fed from the service’s kitchen. Again, whoever is bringing his food; it is compulsory the person tastes the food in the presence of the officer conducting the visit to ensure that the food is wholesome before passing it over to the inmate. The indicted police chief is also linked to the fraudulent activities of the cyber fraudster facing trial in the United States, Hushpupi. Abba Kyari faces extradition to the US over the Hushpupi trial.