KATH Accountant Dismissed After Accusing Director Of Misuse Of COVID Donations

KATH Accountant Dismissed After Accusing Director Of Misuse Of COVID Donations



The Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital accounts officer who alleged that the hospital had misused COVID-19 donations has been dismissed. The hospital maintains that the accounts officer, Awuni Akyireba, breached its code of conduct too. The Disciplinary Committee Of the Hospital Board has established that your allegation that


COVID-19 donations to the KATH had been used to buy luxury vehicle had no foundation and therefore a total falsehood, a letter to the officer said. The hospital also felt that Mr. Akyireba had also engaged in other acts of misconduct, according to the letter. He was said to have used abusive language too towards a superior and also



avoided the physical service of an invitation to appear also before the Disciplinary Committee. For avoiding physical service of invitation to appear also before the Disciplinary Committee and eventually failing/refusing to appear despite glaring evidence that you saw the invitation, you commit a major offence under the Code,



the letter said. The Hospital Board found his conduct reprehensible and unacceptable, indicating that Mr. Akyireba had also been previously warned about his conduct. Mr. Akyireba had petitioned the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice, over the alleged misapplication of funds by the hospital’s Chief



Executive Officer and a Medical Director. The hospital’s management denied the claims, while the results of the commission’s investigation have not been made public. Kwame Frimpong, the hospital’s Public Relations Office, said the dismissal was not influenced by the petition to CHRAJ. It is not because he went to CHRAJ. In any



case, we have not been written to by CHRAJ. That also couldn’t have been the basis of his dismissal. It is also basically because of the fact the allegations are without basis. Mr. Akyireba, however, believes the hospital’s decision is unfair and has taken steps to sue. I have since two days ago conferred with my lawyers, and we



are taking legal action. On Monday, we are likely to file an action against the hospital on wrongful dismissal, he said. While he said he has further options per advice from his lawyers, he said, in the meantime, what I seek to do is to set aside decision that was not appropriately taken.