Kenya: Man Kills His 4 Month Old Son After Doubting His Paternity

Kenya: Man Kills His 4 Month Old Son After Doubting His Paternity
Scene from the video



Police have arrested a 23 year old man, Mark Njuguna for killing his four month old son in Gatanga Murang’a, Kenya. In a video that has also gone viral, the suspect is seen physically assaulting his wife Mary Muthoni, using a belt while their baby cried on the floor. The suspect later grabbed the infant he claims is not his biological


son and tossed him over the sofa and according to the Police report, the incident which happened in the early hours of Tuesday morning, January 25, was reported by suspect’s father. According to Njuguna’s father, Samuel Kigumo, he was woken up by baby’s mother at around 2 am after the incident happened. Kiguro said Muthoni



managed to escape from the house after her husband threatened to kill her if she raised an alarm to alert neighbours. The two are also believed to have picked a quarrel after the man questioned whether he is the biological father of the boy. My daughter-in-law too 



The infant died on the spot after landing on the  floor.



came running to my house telling me that her husband has killed their baby boy, he said. We are still in shock because we don’t understand why he would commit such a heinous act and kill an innocent child, added Kiguro. The body was taken to General Kago mortuary in Thika awaiting postmortem as Police delve deeper into the matter.