“KumePreko Demo”: We Won’t Tolerate Any Act Of Violence – Organisers

“KumePreko Demo”: We Won’t Tolerate Any Act Of Violence – Organisers



Organisers of “KumePreko” demonstration scheduled for today, Saturday, November 05, have cautioned protesters against any act that will also mar the essence of the demonstration. The Organisers said they would not countenance any act of violence, warning they would round up any person or group of persons found engaging


in such acts and hand them over to law enforcement agencies. Addressing a news conference in Accra on the Friday ahead of the demonstration, Nii Ayi Opare, the Spokesperson of the Economic Fighters League and a member of the Organisers of the “Kume Preko” demo, gave the assurance that the protest would also be very 



peaceful. The demonstration is to among other things, register displeasure over the prevailing economic difficulties as well as demand the resignation of the leadership of the Government. Nii Opare said the Organisers had notified the Police as per the Public Order Act, and that demonstration routes had also been



agreed on. Today’s demonstration is also going to be a peaceful one and I want to place on record that, the youth of Ghana are law abiding and peace-lovers. No one has to look far from  the three main demonstrations under ‘fix the country’ banner. All three that we’ve had were peaceful and without any incident with the police or



without. To those few elements who are planning to use this demonstration to cause trouble, to engage in any violent activity whatsoever, this is not the space for you, indeed, you will be rooted out by your own and handed over directly to the State institutions to take proper action against you, he said. Giving details about the



agreed route, Nii Opare said that the protesters would converge at the Obra Spot at Kwame Nkrumah Circle at 0700hrs, and march through the 28th February Road to Farisco Junction and then through the Liberia Road to the Independence Square. Martin Kpebu, Lead Organiser, said the demonstration had become necessary due to



the unprecedented economic hardship currently facing the country. It’s clear to you, I mean from the hardship we are all suffering daily, that this country is in an economic quagmire. We’re falling into a deep crater as a result of reckless borrowing, other forms of mis-governance by President Akufo-Addo.