Lands Commission Flood: Your Land Documents Are Intact – Deputy Lands Minister Assures

Lands Commission Flood: Your Land Documents Are Intact – Deputy Lands Minister Assures



The Deputy Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, responsible for Lands and Forestry, Benito Owusu-Bio has assured Ghanaians that all land documents at the Lands Commission Accra Regional office are safe and also intact. He then said this in contrast to a news report circulating on social media that rains have destroyed all


Land documents at the Greater Accra Regional Lands Commission head office including those of Achimota forest. Addressing the media during an inspection of the flooded offices at the Lands Commission on the Monday, May 23, Mr Benito said, Yes, it is true the rain got into the building from the construction site next door but upon



inspection on arrival to verify the reports, nothing has been  destroyed as most documents were safely placed on shelves above floor level. He further stated that even documents that were wet by the rainwater have been promised to be replaced. The Executive Secretary has assured us that all the documents the water got into will



be reprinted and replaced. The electronic data are also intact and so there is no cause for alarm. The Deputy Minister said moving forward, they are going to ensure that no documents are kept on the floor in the offices to ensure such an occurrence does not repeat itself. He stressed that the rain was an act of God which could not have been predicted and therefore should not be linked



to Achimota Forest land saga or any other land matter whatsoever as it will be unfair if that is considered. Mr Owusu-Bio also gave a word of encouragement and then appreciation to the employees of the Lands Commission for their hard work regardless of all current happenings we see your efforts and we appreciate it, Keep up the good work, he said.