Lands Commission To Have One Stop Verification System For All Land Searches

Lands Commission To Have One Stop Verification System For All Land Searches



The Lands Commission says it will from Friday, October 1, 2021, have a one stop verification system for all land searches conducted at the Commission. According to the Commission, reports from its all divisions will be put into one separate report. It also made this known in press statement issued on the Thursday, September


23, 2021, and signed by its Executive Secretary, James E.K. Dadson. The public is hereby notified that from the October 1, the Lands Commission, the Greater Accra Region will no longer issue separate search reports from its divisions also i.e. the Public and Vested Land Management Division PVLMD, Land Registration



Division LRD and Survey and Mapping Division SMD. Reports from these divisions will be consolidated into one Lands Commission search report. It explained that, a search report from Lands Commission on a parcel of the land provides full information relating to that parcel in a single search report instead of 3 separate reports.



The Commission has thus urged the public to use its portal in making search applications. Furthermore, from October 1, 2022, all applications for searches should be submitted online through



What is the current system?

Currently, one has to verify and conduct searches at the Public and Vested Lands Management Division search, Land Registration Division Search, Survey and Mapping Division Search, and Land Valuation Division Search. This system has however been described by many as cumbersome.