Majority In Parliament Appeals To UTAG To Return To Work

Majority In Parliament Appeals To UTAG To Return To Work



The Majority in the Parliament has appealed to striking University Teachers to return to the lecture halls in the interest of the students. The Members of the University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) have deserted lecture halls for more than a month now in demand for better conditions of service also. The National Labour


Commission (NLC) secured a court order on Tuesday 15th February 2022 for the lecturers to return to work. Speaking to the media too in the Parliament also on the Wednesday, Deputy Majority Leader, Alexander Afenyo Markin also said in spite of the court order which UTAG has hinted of defying, the lecturers should consider the



plight of students and return to work. Ours is to make a plead to UTAG to consider the plight of students and good faith from the government to still seat down with them. And on the bases of that plead with them to go back to the classroom and support our kids in school. Of course, they have every legitimate right to demand



what is theirs. At the same time we are pleading with them to balance that demand with the plight of all our students so that the academic calendar is not unduly disrupted, he also pleaded. The Majority caucus is also accordingly, humbly pleading with UTAG to please get back to the classroom. At the same time, we are also



urging the government to continue to show good faith and corporate to ensure that consensus on the demand of UTAG. So that this matter is dealt with once and for all, he added.