Malawian killed In Front Of His Wife In Johannesburg

Malawian killed In Front Of His Wife In Johannesburg



Businessman living in South Africa has been shot dead in front of his wife. The incident reportedly took place around Newtown junction. Abikaline Bushiri and his wife were driving around Newtown. It is believed that


Mr Bushiri stopped the car nearby the Newtown junction just to get a drink from the shop. On his way out of the car two unknown men came from nowhere and shot him dead in front of his wife who was in the



car. The killers only targeted him leaving his wife living behind. This was the sad moment for the wife to see her husband being killed within seconds in front of her. The wife couldn’t help herself out but she was seen widely crying in the scene area surrounded by the crowd



which came by to witness what was happening by the Newtown junction. Some of the people were seen trying to comfort the wife as she was crying out of pain of losing her lovely husband. Some of the people in the



scene area where heard whispering that his killing is connected to the business he was doing. Taxi industry in South Africa is one of the business that is well known as a very dangerous business. Competitors kill each other on a daily basis. People were positive that Bushiri had been killed by one of his own in the taxi industry.