Man Fails In Second Suicide Bid

Man Fails In Second Suicide Bid



A 66 year old man has failed in his second attempt at ending his own life after taking a poisonous substance. Anthony Twene, a cocoa farmer at Nyame Ndae Cottage near the Adobewura in the Ashanti Region decided on suicide because, as he put it, his wife and children have abandoned him. According to him, he also consumed quantities of ‘Condemn’, a popular Weedicide, on May 18,


2022 to end his life, the second such attempt. Speaking to the Police on his hospital bed, Anthony Twene then complained about his abandonment by his wife and children. It was a certain Kwame Owusu Nyarko, Unit Committee Chairman for Adobewura Electoral Area who reported the suicide bid to the police. He reported that one Anthony Twene aged 66, a cocoa farmer at Nyame



Ndae Cottage near Adobewura, had drank a substance, suspected to be poison and was lying weak in front of his house at the said cottage. Following from that, police together with the complainant immediately proceeded to the said Cottage, where the victim was seen very weak lying in a supine position and also surrounded by some neighbours, the Police report also said. The victim was



instantly admitted for treatment. When the victim’s condition was then stabilised and was interrogated, he also indicated to Police that his wife and children have abandoned him in the cottage alone. That he also feels neglected and rejected, hence his decision to drink a weedicide popularly known as ‘Condemn’ to end his life. He further indicated that, this was his second attempt of



trying to kill himself in a similar style, it stressed. The police report said the victim, who is currently in a stable condition and responding to treatment at the hospital, was consoled, psyched and assured to be reunited with the family once again. Meanwhile, the Police have also assured that they would do everything humanly possible to help trace the wife and children and listen to their side of the story for redress.