Markets closed, tricycles banned to stem Coronavirus spread in Ahafo Region

Markets closed, tricycles banned to stem Coronavirus spread in Ahafo Region



All weekly markets in the Ahafo Region will from Monday, April 27, 2020, be closed down for the next two weeks as part of measures to stem the spread of COVID-19 in the region.


Daily markets are however still in operation but with strict adherence to social distancing and enhanced hygiene measures. Additionally, the use of passenger tricycles mostly referred to as ‘pragia’ have also been suspended for two weeks while commercial vehicles are to operate “under the social distancing protocols put in place by their unions.”



These decisions which are subject to review after 14 days were taken at an emergency meeting held among Ahafo Regional Security Council (REGSEC), all Paramount Chiefs and Municipal District Chief Executives on Friday, April 24, 2020.



“All weekly markets in Ahafo Region have been closed for a period of two (2) weeks with effect from 1.00 am on Monday, April 27, 2020, to allow the respective Municipal/District Assemblies to reorganize the market areas to ensure social distancing in all markets.



Daily markets are allowed to operate under the strict social distancing protocols but not on the weekly market days”, a statement from the REGSEC noted.



Other measures 

Also, operators of goods-carrying tricycles popularly known as ‘aboboyaa’ have been ordered to begin carrying goods only. No passengers will be permitted on the tricycles henceforth.


The general public and travellers (in-and-out of Ahafo) have been advised to stay home and avoid overcrowded places.



They are also to observe social distancing protocols, frequent handwashing with soap under running water, wearing of nose masks, and cough etiquettes all in a bid to reduce the risk of infection.



“The REGSEC will review these decisions at the end of the two (2)-week period and communicate back to the public. The REGSEC and Nananom are calling on the general public in Ahafo to follow these decisions to ensure that we keep Ahafo and Ghana safe from COVID-19”, the statement concluded.



The national Coronavius case count in Ghana has shot up to 1,279.The number of recoveries stands at 134.However, Ghana’s death toll of the novel disease has risen to ten.



12 out of the 16 regions have recorded cases. The Ahafo Region is however yet to confirm a COVID-19 case. Greater Accra leads the regional distribution with 1,089 cases followed by the Ashanti Region with 69 and Eastern Region, 56.