Military Engineers Will Be Deployed To Flooded Upper Region If Necessary - Roads Minister

Military Engineers Will Be Deployed To Flooded Upper Region If Necessary - Roads Minister



The Ministry of Roads and Highways may also deploy officers of the 48th Engineer Regiment of the Ghana Armed Forces to the Upper West Region to help create alternative access routes for residents reeling under the effects of recent floods. Speaking in response to calls for the deployment of the military regiment, the sector


minister, Kwasi Amoako-Atta said the officers will be brought in when the need arises. The call is not out of place at all. The spread of the floodwater is also so extensive that there is virtually no space for creating diversions in terms of the road. So I want to assure them that their call is a relevant one and should it also



become necessary that we call on the 48th Engineer Regiment of the Ghana Armed Forces to come and assist, it will be done, he said. The Minority Caucus in the Upper West was the first to make the call for the deployment of the 48th Engineer Regiment to assist in the creation of alternative routes in the region during



the aftermath of the flood. The spokesperson of the Minority Caucus, Dr Sebastien Sandaare, in making the demand said the deployment of the officers would help bring some relief to the residents. We also as the NDC caucus and representatives of the people of the Upper West Region in the Parliament are calling on relevant



authorities to take urgent remedial action to deal with the misfortune that has befallen our kinsmen. We also recommend that the Ministry of Roads and Highways should liaise with the Ministry of Defence to as a matter of urgency deploy the 48th Engineer Regiment of the Ghana Armed Forces in the region to create temporary access routes while efforts are made to rehabilitate the roads and bridges, he said.



Works on destroyed roads, bridges to cost GHS50 million

The Minister for Roads and Highways, Kwasi Amoako-Atta, had said the government is expected to spend about GHS50 million to rebuild the damaged road infrastructure in the region occasioned by the floods. Mr. Kwasi Amoako-Atta said well-qualified contractors have been selected to execute the job. Government is



going to spend almost about GHS50 million cedis to undertake these emergency works. I have had a look at the report, and have also had all the scope of the work clearly defined. Because of its urgency, the President and government will also do all it takes to fast track the processes, he then assured.



About the flood

A 12 hour downpour recorded in the Upper West Region a few days ago flooded irrigation sites, farmlands, and communities along the Nadowli-Tangasie highway. The affected communities were cut off from the rest of the Nadowli-Kaleo district. The flood washed off major roads in the Region, with many commuters getting



stranded due to the situation. Major bridges on the Wa-Hale road that connect a number of communities to Wa the Upper West regional capital were also affected. Portions of the already deplorable Wa-Tumu road were also washed off. Data from the NADMO indicates that some 1,605 people in the Nadowli-Kaleo District, Jirapa



District, and the Lawra municipalities were affected by the floods. According to NADMO, the victims lost a total of 722 farmlands. 336 persons were also displaced, according to NADMO. The report indicated that some 155 houses were destroyed during the floods. An 80 year old woman also lost her life after her house also collapsed on her during the flood.