MPs Car Loan Unconstitutional; Our cars Must Be Charged On Consolidated Fund - Kumah

MPs Car Loan Unconstitutional; Our cars Must Be Charged On Consolidated Fund - Kumah



Deputy Minister for Finance and Member of Parliament for Ejisu, John Kumah, says giving MPs car loans whiles officials in other arms of government are provided cars for their work is so unfair and must also be addressed. According to him, the loan agreement totalling $28 million for MPs to acquire cars for their official use is


illegal, as the dictates of the constitution demands that the consolidated fund is billed for emoluments and benefits of members of parliament. By what reason are you saying instead of charging it on the consolidated fund, you are giving me a loan. Loans for what? Let’s treat MPs fairly. They don’t deserve loans, they deserve



cars charged on the consolidated fund, he said. The Ejisu MP said the provisions in the constitution that spells out the emoluments of Article 71 officeholders has existed since 1992, and have indicated that all such entitlements must be provided from the consolidated fund, and so the practice by successive governments



 to give car loans to Members of Parliament and also Council of State Members is illegal. It is illegal and unconstitutional and the fact that we have also made mistakes in the past does not mean we should continue, John Kumah said. The legislator indicated that he has submitted a memo on the subject and will



not hesitate, together with other legislators who are opposed to the car loan purchase agreement, to take legal action to enforce the law. I have submitted a memo. We can go to court to enforce our rights, and I’m telling you, we will go to court if we have to, he said. He further added that other elected officials such as unit



committee and assembly members as well as Council of State members must be treated fairly by being provided their entitlements and emoluments funded by the consolidated fund. Meanwhile, the Member of Parliament for the South Dayi Constituency, Rockson Dafeamakpor, has backed the suggestions of John Kumah adding that there is the need to follow to the



letter the dictates of the constitution. He also blamed parliament’s public affairs directorate for not sensitizing the public enough about the issues surrounding the entitlements of Members of Parliament before the recent controversy over the loan agreement. I blame the public affairs department of parliament. They ought to have been engaging in stakeholder consultation on this matter, before time is due on some of these things, he said.