Multimedia Group To Sue Kennedy Agyapong Over Defamation

Multimedia Group To Sue Kennedy Agyapong Over Defamation



The Multimedia Group Limited is set to sue the Assin Central MP, Mr Kennedy Agyapong, for defamation after allegations made against the company. According to an earlier warning sent to the MP, the allegations included claims that the company demanded money from the New Patriotic Party and the government within the last


five years. Mr. Agyepong also suggested the Multimedia Group had a vendetta against the government. In month of the July 2021 the MP for Assin Central Constituency, Kennedy Agyapong also made and repeated false and defamatory statements also on all his media platforms spurning caution issued by our lawyers on 13 July 2021.



Joy FM, The Multimedia Group and the Chief Executive Officer, Kwasi Twum have been compelled and have also taken a firm decision to afford the MP, his media organisation and three of his employees, opportunity to prove the allegations in court,  the company said in a statement. The statement also indicated that two other



online publications that also circulated the outright falsehoods without care or any attempt to verify the allegations are also joined to the suit. The broadcasts and the publications falsely sought to portray us as unethical, unprofessional and criminal, the company also added in a statement. As part of its evidence, the



company said the broadcasts and publications as well as associated defamatory commentary have also been carefully and meticulously gathered and also formally transcribed and translated. Mr. Agyapong, who has in the past been criticised for making reckless comments, is currently facing a defamation suit that dates back to the 2017. A High Court recently vacated an earlier order



striking out CEO of Chamber of Bulk Oil Distributors' defamation suit filed against Kennedy Agyapong in the 2017. Senyo Hosi, the chamber’s CEO filed defamation case against Mr. Agyapong after he accused it CEO of bribery. Mr. Agyapong claimed that Mr. Hosi had paid a $1 million bribe to a former CEO of the Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation Company to influence the reversal of a contaminated fuel sale by BOST to two companies.