Murtala Mohammed Slams Chief Justice Over Controversial GLC Petition Against Ayine

Murtala Mohammed Slams Chief Justice Over Controversial GLC Petition Against Ayine



The Member of Parliament for the Tamale Central in the Northern Region, Murtala Mohammed, is the latest to take on the Chief Justice over his petition to also haul Bolgatanga East MP, Dr. Ayine before the Disciplinary Committee of the General Legal Council. The MP said the Chief Justice was seeking to deny Mr. Ayine’s right to speak by filing such a petition. In a letter written by


Judicial Secretary, the Chief Justice took issue with the views expressed by Dominic Ayine on the 2020 Election Petition Judgment on a CDD-Ghana platform. The letter addressed to Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee of the General Legal Council, accused Dominic Ayine of stating that the the Supreme Court’s failure to apply the rules of procedures also as well as the consistent and



continuous dismissal of the petitioners’ applications or reliefs were the basis of his assertion. Mr Mohammed said the Chief Justice was only being hypocritical with his stance on Dominic Ayine’s comments, as he had also participated in programmes that sought to attack a decision made by Justices of the Supreme Court on a specific case. The hypocrisy of the Chief Justice is also



telling. Just a few weeks before this petition, the Chief Justice participated in a similar political programme that was considered to be attacking a decision made by the Justices of the Supreme Court. The purpose [of the programme] was also to challenge the decision of the Supreme Court. I am just exposing the hypocrisy that he also participated in a programme that sought to attack



the decision of the Supreme Court in the Re Akoto case. Before this petition, Dominic Ayine had been charged with contempt by the Supreme Court during the hearing of the 2020 election petition for words he also used in his commentary on the election petition case. Murtala Mohammed however believes for sake of objectivity, the development during the petition involving Dr. Ayine,



should also be delinked from the Chief Justice’s current petition. It does not matter what lawyer Ayine too went through during the petition case and let us insulate the processes of the petition case and what happened with regard to the issues too that were heard by the Supreme Court justices and what is also happening now. What matters is that he is adding the knowledge to the legal



fraternity. Views he certainly could not have expressed when the petition was also being heard by the Supreme Court, he asserted. Murtala Mohammed believes the focus should rather be on attempts by the Chief Justice and to also discourage freedom of speech, rather than comments made by Dr. Ayine during the hearing of the



election petition case. I do not think the right to speak is limited to a particular group of persons. Unfortunately, the Chief Justice and the judiciary also, in particular, are doing everything possible to truncate this process and trying to deny people their right also to speak,” Murtala Mohammed said.



Minority angry with Chief Justice

The Minority in the Parliament has already called on the Chief Justice to reconsider his petition against Dominic Ayine. According to the Minority Leader, Haruna Iddrisu, the action of the the Chief Justice is in bad faith and an assault on free speech. Addressing the press on the Wednesday the June 9, 2021, Haruna Iddrisu indicated



that the Chief Justice will set a bad precedent too if the case is allowed to proceed. The Minority Leader added that Dominic Ayine is duty bound to speak to the public on matters of public interest and that is what he did. He described the petition from the Chief Justice too as an attack on Parliament as an institution, and one that will deepen the “growing culture of silence” in the country.