My Do Or Die Is An Idiomatic Expression And I Won't Retract - John Mahama

My Do Or Die Is An Idiomatic Expression And I Won't Retract - John Mahama



Former President John Dramani Mahama says he will never retract his do or die comment, which has drawn widespread controversy insisting that it’s an idiomatic expression. Mahama explained that the comment was meant to be a piece of advice to members of his party, the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) to


urge them all to sit up and not wait to be cheated at the polling stations before running to the Supreme Court to litigate election results. While on his Thank You tour in the Bono Region, the 2020 presidential candidate of the NDC on the Tuesday said his party will be more vigilant during the 2024 general elections. The 2020 elections



were rigged for the NPP. We have however accepted the ruling of Supreme Court for the sake of peace. However, come 2024, the NDC will be extra vigilant at the polling stations because that is is where the elections are won. So at the polling station [in the next election], it will be do or die. I am not saying all die be die. I’m saying it will



be do or die because the right thing must also be done, Mahama said. However, his critics believe statement is in bad taste and demanded a retraction. But, Mahama speaking on Moonlite FM in Sunyani said he stands by his comment. It is also an idiomatic expression. In the English Language, we have idioms in there. I think those



who also left school early do not understand idiomatic expressions. Do or die means a critical assignment you have, and you must all do the needful or perish. What it means is that [officials of the] NDC shouldn’t wait and go to the Supreme Court again. So we also have to do whatever we need to do at the polling station and the



collation centres. So I won’t retract. The next election for the NDC is going to be a do-or-die affair because we have to do the right thing at the polling stations. So I’m telling all our party executives that they must be at the polling stations and make sure the right thing is done. They must all also be at the collation centres and make sure the right thing is done.