My recent accident a sign my new song’ll be a hit – Amandzeba

My recent accident a sign my new song’ll be a hit – Amandzeba



Musician Amandzeba Nat Brew has stated that his recent involvement in a car crash is an indication that his new song, which will be released soon, will be a hit just like his old song ‘Wogbe Jeke’.



According to the veteran musician, a similar fate befell him 20 years ago while he prepared to release ‘Wogbe Jeke’, thus, sees the accident of last week as a sign of good fortune.



The ‘Dede’ hitmaker’s Ford Explorer rammed into a stationary Nissan Hardbody pickup which also hit a Toyota Camry at Kokomlemle on Sunday, 5 January 2020 while returning from the studio.



Addressing journalists at a press conference on 10 January 2020, Amandzeba recounted: “When I was going to release ‘Wogbe Jeke’, I had an accident; it was a huge one in the US, so, I know that this is a prelude to things that are going to benefit the entire country and the continent.”



As part of the 20-year anniversary of the release of ‘Wogbe Jeke’, Amandzeba recently signed a deal with US-based Jah Mikal Entertainment and the two have been working hard on his latest album.



“I was on my way to the studio and I hadn’t had enough sleep. Since Michael of Jah Mikal Entertainment came to town, none of us has slept enough, so, I guess it was part of it. In fact, that day, he advised that I didn’t have to drive. But I think that I must have passed out. It was fatigue. Once I’m getting younger and younger, you have to know that it’s taking a toll on me”, Amandzeba said.



He hinted at releasing an album in August and embarking on a nationwide tour to celebrate his 30 years in the Ghanaian music industry later.
Some of his songs include: Dede, Demara, Onyame, Biako, Tsema, Baawo, Afrikah and Mereko.