NADMO, Military, Move To Rescue Victims Of Accra Floods

NADMO, Military, Move To Rescue Victims Of Accra Floods



A joint team of military and the NADMO has also gone on a rescue mission after torrential rains hit capital around the 10;30 pm on Monday through to the early hours of the Tuesday. The Public Relations Officer for the National Disaster Management Organisation, George Ayisi, in an interview said his officers, together with others from the


48 Engineers Regiment of the Ghana Armed Forces have been deployed to some areas to manage the situation. We have deployed a team to Alajo, Tetegu STC junction, and Cantonments. At the Cantonments, for instance, 48 Engineers team have also joined in. Some people had been trapped in their homes, and so our men had to go



and rescue them. He then urged all individuals who also find themselves in such situations to reach out to the organization’s toll-free on 112 or call 0302964884. We work in partnership with stakeholder agencies such as GMet (Ghana Meteorological Agency) which gives us the updates, 48 Engineers, and then the Ambulance service



amongst others. We have had preparatory works, and simulation exercises towards some of these happenings. When anyone reaches out to us, we will also contact and then deploy our men to come to their aid. For now, we are focusing on rescuing victims. When we are through with that, we will assess the situation and determine how





we will go also about providing relief items. Heavy rains, which started the late Monday evening through to the Tuesday morning, submerged parts of the capital city. This comes after most parts of Accra got flooded after close to a 10-hour downpour on Saturday. The Monday’s torrential rains also started at different time intervals in



different places in the Accra, beginning around 10;30 pm. Residents in hard-hit areas such as Adabraka Sahara had to abandon their homes to also seek shelter elsewhere because the floodwaters entered their rooms.