NALAG Support Calls To Postpone Referendum

NALAG Support Calls To Postpone Referendum


National Association of Local Authorities of Ghana (NALAG), seem to be in bed with Civil Society Organisations (CSO) and individuals, calling for the postponement of the December 17th Referendum.

NALAG has also confirmed, it supports the YES vote campaign by the government.

Mr. Kokro Amankwaah, General Secretary of NALAG, at a one-day sensitization workshop organised for market women in Koforidua, the Eastern Regional capital.


According to him, postponing the exercise will offer the opportunity for government and relevant agencies to intensify education, to deepen the knowledge of Ghanaians.

Mr. Amankwaah was of the view that supporting a YES vote agenda will help deepen the democratic governance of the country, by enhancing public participation in the Local Governance system.

He added, allowing partisan politics into district-level elections would automatically allow Ghanaians to also vote for Metropolitan, municipal and District Chief Executives (MMDCEs) after Parliament amend the clause in the constitution to allow voting of MMDCEs.

On the assertion that politicizing Local Government elections would bring divisions, Mr. Amankwaah debunked the assertion, saying, political parties are already sponsoring Assembly members even though, it is done at the blind side.




"My brother, we must stop tickling ourselves and laugh because, political parties have been behind Local Governance elections for all these while, so I wonder why we are behaving like the ostrich. Both the NPP and NDC on different occasions have come out publicly to announce both have a large number of Assembly members. So the question now is, why don't we allow it by amending the constitution to ensure we all participate in the decision making" the Scribe told the media.

Mr. Kokro Amankwaah emphasized the need to educate all and sundry to allow eligible voters to make an informed decision on the Referendum.

Some participants who also spoke to the reporter, commended the leadership of NALAG for the education as it has broadened their knowledge of the exercise.

However, most of them were in support of a YES vote to allow them to choose their leaders at the local level for proper accountability.