NDC’s Dela Coffie Arrested

NDC’s Dela Coffie Arrested
Dela Coffie



National Democratic Congress (NDC)’s communicator, Dela Edem Coffie, has been arrested today, Monday, June 6. His arrest was announced by the Office of the Special Prosecutor in a press release. The OSP in the release said that the suspect turned himself


in today with his lawyers and was subsequently arrested. “The underlisted person, who was placed on the List of Wanted Persons by the Office of the Special Prosecutor on June 3, 2022, turned himself in at the Office of the Special Prosecutor at 6 Haile Selassie Street, South Ridge, Accra on 6 June 2022 at 12:50 pm in the company of his lawyers.





Why has he been arrested?

The OSP in a notice on Friday, June 3, declared the communicator wanted. Per the notice, Dela Coffie was charged with corruption and corruption-related offenses, and forgery of official document.