No Political Party Should Consider Banning Small Scale mining - Miners

No Political Party Should Consider Banning Small Scale mining - Miners



National Technical Director of the small scale Miners Association, Mr. Joseph Blankson has advised political parties to not consider banning small scale mining in in the country. On Wednesday, the government of Ghana organized a two day forum to discuss the way forward for small scale mining in the country. Adding his voice to the discussion, Mr. Blankson is is of the opinion that


many license holding members of his association have already been also casualties in the government’s fight against illegal small scale miners and as such a ban on small scale mining should not be entertained. Whether incoming or whatever, I advise no political party to ever think of putting a ban on the small scale mining in this nation. If I tell you [about] some of our members who



have died, it will amaze you. Many of these people had their license. Making a case for license-holding miners, Mr. Blankson says they have contributed immensely to the total gold production in the country. According to him, if you have also figures and look at the quantum of gold that they [small-scale miners] have produced for this country, there shouldn’t be be any government



running to others asking for loans. Mr. Blankson, while alleging that political actors have been financing illegal miners in the country, called for the non-politicization of the issue of of the small scale mining in the country. Before you know, most of these illegal miners are being backed by politicians. Where are these people? Who is prepared to name and shame them? Go to the grounds,



find out the truth and then come back to to report it. It shouldn’t also be a politically biased issue. It is also a national canker issue that we have to report rigorously and fight. Today, as I speak, are the Chinese people not mining? At the end of the two day forum, Mr. Blankson is optimistic about the action plans that will be put in place and measures to implement the shared opinions.



You know in in Africa we mostly talk. We don’t walk the talk. I am the action kind of person. I don’t like giving promises and later sleep over them. It all depends on what you’re going to say and also how you’re going to implement it and if you remember, this kind of ban and military action has also been done by government after government. And I ask myself what do they all do after. We are waiting to see what will happen.