North East: Bagre Dam Spillage Cuts Off Communities As Roads Submerge

North East: Bagre Dam Spillage Cuts Off Communities As Roads Submerge



The spillage of the Bagre dam coupled with downpour has cut off communities around the Kpasenkpe area in the West Mamprusi Municipality of the North East region. The situation has submerged bridges and roads linking Mamprugu Moaduri district to the West Mamprusi municipality of the North East


Region. Residents have been compelled to use the Bolga-Navrongo route in the Upper East region to link them to the West Mamprusi Municipality instead through the Kpasenkpe bridge which is currently submerged. Some canoe operators have taken advantage of the situation to charge commuter as much as GHS 30



just to transport them to the other side of the submerged bridge to get access to the municipality. The spillage of the Bagre dam has also submerged several acres of farmlands in the Mamprugu Moaduri District and the West Mamprusi Municipality. A farmer from Kpasenkpe, Joseph Daabo told journalists


that farmers and traders have been stranded because the roads have been submerged and that it is difficult to cross to the other side. “The road from Moaduri to Kpasenkpe was the shortest but now the whole place is flooded and people cannot cross to other communities unless you use the canoe from one community to



another until you get to your destination. Even yesterday was the market day but traders could not cross because even the market cars were stranded. According to him, snakes and other dangerous species have invaded the flooded communities. “ Our farms have been submerged and our crops destroyed and so


what to even survive with till the next farming season is our worry now,” he said. Mr. Daabo appealed to the government and other organizations to come to their aid with relief items to support them. The floodgates of the Bagre Dam was opened for spillage on September 1, 2022. The spillage has submerged several farmlands and destroyed houses in the North East and other regions across the country.