Nothing Will Stand In The Way Of NDC’s Victory In 2024 - Inusah Fuseini

Nothing Will Stand In The Way Of NDC’s Victory In 2024 - Inusah Fuseini



Former Member of Parliament for Tamale Central, Inusah Fuseini, says nothing will stand in the way of the National Democratic Congress winning election 2024. According to him, concerns about utterances made by the General Secretary of the Party, Asiedu Nketia, having the potential to derail the ‘winning’ tangent of the party are


unfounded. Johnson Asiedu Nketia, who is contesting against the incumbent NDC National Chairman, Samuel Ofosu-Ampofo, in a leaked audio tape, accused the Chairman of failing to supply the NDC’s legal team in the 2020 election petition relevant data to challenge the outcome of the elections. He said this was why the NDC



could not sufficiently support their claims during the trial. Reacting to the leaked audio, Inusah Fuseini stated that the General Secretary’s communication was not intended for general consumption, and that he was only giving an explanation of what had happened. He noted that while the revelation may have ruffled some feathers within the



party, it is not enough to derail the party’s progress. “What he was seeking to do was probably explain to the party delegates why we are where we are; why we could not win the elections; why our case was not made up very well in court. And so the fact that it leaked is very very unfortunate. But Asiedu Nketia ought to have known



that it will leak because in campaigning for a position in the party or government or to lead the country, people deliberately, intentionally plant others to be able to see what their opponent is doing, so he ought or our leaders ought to be circumspect, he said. Inusah Fusieni added that as a party we had always known that these two



giants if they contest each other we’ll definitely have fallouts, and so that is why there was an initial attempt to try and see whether they would be reconciled. Chairman Ampofo spoke about what the team achieved during their term in office, that team included the General Secretary of the party who is now contesting him for the



chairmanship. So there’s no doubt that that team also has some few weaknesses. He said with the two giants going against each other, party delegates will be forced to critically anlayse the strengths and weaknesses of both parties in order to make a decision.