NPP Risks Losing Dome-Kwabenya Seat If Adwoa Safo Is Recalled - Researcher

NPP Risks Losing Dome-Kwabenya Seat If Adwoa Safo Is Recalled - Researcher



The Executive Director of Global Info Analytics, Mussa Dankwa, says the recall of Member of Parliament for the Dome-Kwabenya, Sarah Adwoa Safo, could dwindle the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) chances of retaining the seat during an election. Mr. Dankwa made this claim based on research conducted by his outfit in the Dome


Kwabenya. It could worsen the NPP’s parliamentary numbers. From what we heard, it is likely her loyalists will stay away from the vote. It is not guaranteed that the NPP will win [if she is recalled], Mr. Dankwa said. Sarah Adwoa Safo has been absent from Parliament for a while following an extension of her leave which was



granted by the President. She had became the subject of public debate months ago following allegations that she was then impersonated during the Parliamentary proceedings on the November 30, 2021, because the Majority side needed the numbers at all cost to approve the government’s 2022 budget, which they did despite



the disapproval by the minority side. Mr. Dankwa said their research had shown that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) candidate rather stands a chance of winning in a by-election as 43% of the constituents were all willing to vote for Mike Ocquaye in a by-election as compared to 44% for the NDC’s Elikplim Akurugu. The



Research also showed a split over calls for Adwoa Safo to be removed from Parliament. While 47% of residents of the Dome-Kwabenya do not support the recall of the Sarah Adwoa Safo, 44% are in support of such a call. Global Info Analytics conducts economic and market research, political risk forecasting.