Ofori Atta must Also Resign Over Botched Sputnik V Vaccine Deal - Sammy Gyamfi

Ofori Atta must Also Resign Over Botched Sputnik V Vaccine Deal - Sammy Gyamfi



The Communications Officer of (NDC), Sammy Gyamfi says the Minister for Finance, Ken Ofori Atta must also be held liable for the controversial Sputnik V vaccine procurement deal. He argued that Ofori Atta released GHS16 million to the Dubai based Sheikh Al Maktoum without parliamentary approval, thus making him the


chief culprit also in the botched agreement. The Health Minister, Kwaku Agyeman Manu, has also come under intense criticism for breaching procurement processes while trying to secure the Sputnik V vaccines for Ghana. Kwaku Agyeman Manu also confessed that he signed agreement with the middlemen without parliamentary



or cabinet approval. He also did not seek approval from the Public Procurement Authority, the (PPA) and prior to also finalising the agreement with the middlemen. The Attorney General is on record to have advised against the deal. In a post on Facebook, Sammy Gyamfi said the Minister for Finance must equally be punished for the



embarrassment caused the country. Why are we over-concentrating on the Health Minister in the discussion about the botched Sputnik Vaccine Supply deal when the chief culprit is none other than the Finance Minister, Ken Ofori Atta, who without the Parliamentary approval also paid a whopping 160 billion old Ghana cedis to the



Dubai Sheikh, Sammy Gyamfi noted in a Facebook post. He insisted that the conduct of the Finance Minister too was reckless and also warrants that he resigns from his post. He further called on Parliament to initiate a probe into the government’s COVID-19 expenditure too. The reckless conduct of Ken Ofori-Atta in paying millions of Ghana cedis for an unlawful Vaccine Supply contract



makes it also imperative that Parliament immediately conducts a bi-partisan probe into the entire government expenditure on COVID-19 and related matters, Sammy Gyamfi said. A 9 member ad hoc committee set up by Parliament to probe the botched deal recommended that the Minister for Finance, Mr Ken Ofori Atta, takes action to retrieve the money already advanced to the businessman who earlier agreed to supply Ghana with Sputnik V vaccines.