Oko Vanderpuije Calls For Establishment Of Legitimate Premix Fuel Committees

Oko Vanderpuije Calls For Establishment Of Legitimate Premix Fuel Committees



The Member of Parliament for Ablekuma South, Alfred Oko Vanderpuije has called on the Fisheries Minister, Mavis Hawa Koomson to institute a legitimate premix fuel committee to ensure proper distribution of the fuel to fisherfolk in the country and this follows agitation by some fisherfolk at the Jamestown and Chorkor in the


Greater Accra Region that the supply of the commodity to them is limited. Speaking to the media after an event to engage some fisherfolk in Chorkor, Mr. Vanderpuije said the sector ministry must collaborate with various assemblies within fishing communities for accurate distribution of the product. Today, the premix fuel is not



going directly to the fisherfolk. They will tell you that some individuals will get it and then resell it to them, so what is the benefit of the premix fuel? We also have a minister for fisheries. She has a responsibility to make sure that we have a legitimate premix committee, Mr Vanderpuije stressed. Some fisherfolk have attributed



the supply challenges to corruption. To address some of these challenges too, the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development has also initiated processes to digitize the supply of premix fuel to fishermen. The government has in the past touted the idea of Canoe Identification Cards. Premix fuel will soon be distributed



only to fishermen who have registered their canoes and vessels with the Ministry of Aquaculture, and have been issued with Canoe Identification Cards. The Ministry has also supplied over 52 million litres of premix fuel between the January and the June 2021.