‘One Facility, One Fire Extinguisher’ Project Unveiled

‘One Facility, One Fire Extinguisher’ Project Unveiled
Personnel of the Fire Service checking out the products on display



The Ghana National Fire Service in collaboration with private sector partners, MBA Safety Ghana Limited and the Safe Environment Educational Foundation (SEEF), has launched a project on fire safety to help fight and prevent fire outbreaks.

Through the fire safety project, dubbed ‘One Facility, One Fire Extinguisher’ (1F1FE), the collaborators will provide homes, offices, schools, hospitals and churches with fire extinguishers and smoke detectors at a subsidised cost.

The project will also train people on how to use the extinguishers so they can fight fires before they get out of control.



At the project launch, the Programmes Manager of SEEF, Mr Richmond Kotei Dzane, said the 1F1FE project was an initiative of the MBA Safety Ghana Limited Group and was targeted at promoting education on safety and educational issues with regard to handling fire.



He said MBA Fire Safety Ghana Limited, a leading supplier of safety and fire equipment, was at the forefront of the 1F1FE project.

Mr Dzane said the most regrettable and unpardonable aspect of fire fighting was not to have the requisite means or right equipment to fight it when it is noticed from the start.


He urged property owners, tenants, vehicle owners and everyone to equip themselves at all times but more importantly adopt preventive measures.



Devastating effect of fire

The Abelenkpe District Fire Commander, Mr Benjamin Quarshie, urged the public to cultivate the habit of having the Fire Service emergency numbers with them to ensure that fires were tackled early.



“This will stem the often repeated comment of not being able to reach the Ghana National Fire Service,” he said.

Mr Quarshie said the habit of providing misleading directions to fire locations was very bad because it always led the fire team to the wrong places.



“Personnel of the Fire Service are not magicians; it is when you give them the correct addresses that they can speedily and easily come to your aid,” he added.

Mr Quarshie encouraged the public to participate in the project and take it seriously and also make good use of the fire extinguishers that would be given to them.