Persons Without Face Masks, Others Made To Clean Site For Ablekuma District Hospital

Persons Without Face Masks, Others Made To Clean Site For Ablekuma District Hospital



Persons seen without face masks and also littering in the Agbogbloshie in Accra were made to clean gutters on the Friday, September 3, 2021. Motorcyclists without helmets were also plucked out to help with the clean up exercise. They also joined Zoomlion and some security personnel already engaged in a clean-up exercise of the


area also earmarked for the building of the Ablekuma District Hospital. In all, about 50 persons were stopped and made to engage in the clean-up exercise. If you are walking around and you are not wearing nose masks, they will just talk to you to join the exercise, the General Manager for the Zoomlion-Accra Zone, Ernest Morgan



Acquah, said. He however shied away from calling the punitive action as punishment. This is also not even a punishment, because if they are calling it punishment, the time would have been more than this, and probably they would have to go court for them to be sanctioned. One of the men who took part in the exercise was in



good spirits when the media spoke to him. He had been stopped because he was riding a motorbike without a helmet. To me, the work is good because Ghana is too filthy. Especially here, he said. The clean-up was part of the government’s agenda of making Greater Accra work again. In June, onion traders at Agbogbloshie market were relocated but after the relocation and demolition, it



was also observed that the land was being turned into a dumpsite. However, persons who were seen flouting the COVID protocols were also coerced to join the exercise. Although the exercise is also expected to end on the77 Sunday General Manager for the Zoomlion-Accra Zone, Ernest Morgan Acquah, also said sanctions will also be meted out to tricycle drivers caught dumping refuse at the area.