Petrol Price Hike: Commercial Drivers Threaten Naked Demonstration

Petrol Price Hike: Commercial Drivers Threaten Naked Demonstration



The Ashanti Regional Chairman of the Concerned Drivers Association of Ghana, Nana Yaw Kwakye made this disclosure on the back of speculations that petrol price will be increased to GHS 11 per litre for Diesel and GHS 10 per litre for petrol. Earlier the drivers had said the GHS8.44 mark per litre of petrol is highly abnormal


and causing an unbearable hardship on them. According to the drivers, the continuous increment should never be justified by the government with the Russia-Ukraine war and the continuous falling of the potency of the Cedi against the US dollar. In their view, the tax component on the price of a litre of petrol is a



major contributor to the abnormal rate. We strongly believe that the taxes, when removed, will aid the reduction of the price of petrol. It must be noted that one major promise of this government was to remove the taxes on petrol, the concerned drivers noted in a statement. They reminded President Nana Akufo-Addo



that Ghana is an oil-producing country and “so we possess every right to call on the government to have petrol subsidised for us in circumstances where the world market price rises. President Akufo-Addo should remember that in opposition, he promised to during a campaign tour at Kwame Nkrumah Circle that, he was



going to reduce petrol prices for us should we vote for him. Today, he is in his second term as President but has deliberately chosen to forget about that key promise. It’s about time he woke up from his slumber to act quickly, the statement said. The drivers have given the President and his government a one-week



ultimatum to have the price of petrol reduced or together with their allies such as GPRTU, Co-Operative, PROTOA and Cargo Drivers, they will mass up and block the entrances of his Nima residence to prevent him from going out. Yes, that action is just one out of many radical demonstrations we’ll embark upon to press on



the president to have the prices reduced as we are considering also the blocking of all major roads with our vehicles. Amidst the continuous precarious petrol prices, the drivers are also calling on all Ghanaians to stand with them devoid of partisanship as we fight for a more relaxed arrangement to be made by the government.