Police Rescue Ten Trafficked Nigerians

Police Rescue Ten Trafficked Nigerians



Police at Baastona in Accra have rescued ten Nigerian nationals from their traffickers at Coastal Estates down, along the Spintex Road. They also managed to arrest six suspected traffickers. The said victims are between the ages of 21 and 24. In a statement, the police said they received an SOS on the July 6, 2021, at about 4


pm indicating that someone needed help from a house at Coastal Estate down. The Police also added that it followed up on the information to the scene and then discovered that a young man by name, Amas Ekhosuehi aged 24, a Nigerian, and his five accomplices also Nigerians had lured ten (10) Nigerian young men into



Ghana through the closed borders to engage them in cyber fraud activities. It also disclosed that the victims looked malnourished, with several marks of assault. The young men who looked pale and malnourished had several marks of assault on their back. The victims claimed they were lured in batches to Ghana to seek



greener pastures, however, they were also camped in a house and then prevented from going out but physically abused each time they also requested food or failed to swindle unsuspecting victims to send money. Police also disclosed that the suspects who are currently in custody will be arraigned. Suspects are also in custody



being processed for court as soon as possible. Police retrieved 14 laptops from the house, and the Ghana Immigration Service and the Human Trafficking Unit are being involved to assist. In a similar incident, some four men suspected of being kidnappers were also killed on the outskirts of Busunu in the Savannah Region earlier in July 2021. The incident according to a police report happened at about 2.00 pm on Wednesday, June 30, 2021.