Police Will Deal Decisively With Rising Threats Posed By Criminals - Akufo Addo

Police Will Deal Decisively With Rising Threats Posed By Criminals - Akufo Addo



President Akufo Addo has given assurances that the Ghana Police Service and other security agencies will also deal decisively with the increasing spate of armed robberies, other violent crimes in the country. Speaking at the graduation ceremony of the 50th cadet officers’ course in the Accra, Akufo Addo said he appreciates the


concerns of Ghanaians about the security situation, but added that he’s certain the country’s security agencies will quickly address it. I’m aware the recent incidents of violent crimes in some parts of the country have also generated safety and security concerns from several sections of the populace. I want to assure Ghanaians



that the Police Service and indeed all the other security services are also determined to deal decisively with the threats posed by the dangerous criminals and criminal syndicates, he said. The President’s comment comes at a time when there are public concerns about increasing spate of violent crimes, also including broad daylight



robberies. Recent incidents include the snatching of cash from two drivers in separate incidents at Achimota and Weija, all in Accra in September. But Akufo Addo has called on the public to lend the necessary support and cooperate with Police to enable them to discharge their duties effectively. He further gave assurances of



the government’s commitment to resource the police in terms of personnel and logistics to help them deliver on their mandate. We can also help them succeed in this endeavor if we urge the police and the other security services on and also give them as much support and cooperation in the fight as we can. The Government in



recognition of the difficulties and dangers confronting Police personnel in the discharge of their duties also remains committed to resourcing the service through the provision of adequate personnel and logistics to enable them to deliver on their mandate, he said.