Private Health Facilities Threaten To Return To Cash & Carry Over NHIS Arrears

Private Health Facilities Threaten To Return To Cash & Carry Over NHIS Arrears



Health Service Providers on National Health Insurance Scheme have bemoaned the delay in the disbursement of claims too by the government for services they have rendered under the scheme. According to the group, they have not received payment for their services since July 2021, and that several attempts to also have the


Ministry of Health address their grievances have failed. The Vice President of the Private Health Facilities Association of Ghana, Mr Samuel Boakye Donkor, said most of the health service providers on the scheme have thus been compelled to return to the cash and carry system due to the situation. About 30% of us have



received payment for July 2021, so from that time to date, no payment has been received. Others have also received up to May, yet we are to provide the service for free. Per the law, they have to pay every month. We also agreed in principle that every ninety days they make payment for one month, and they have taken advantage



of that 90 days by exceeding. If you’ve not paid us for months how can we offer services for free? The government pays the old tariffs, meanwhile, our products, drug, and non-drug continue to increase, he said. The annoying part is that when you write letters to the Minister and Chief Director, they do not respond.



The next line of action is that we will take money from patients. We will switch from the NHIS to the cash and carry system, he added. This is not the first time the association has issued such a threat over monies owed to them by the government. In 2019 and 2020, they raised the same concerns and urged the government to take urgent action.