Rainstorm Renders Health Center In Kalba Roofless; Authorities Call For Urgent Support

Rainstorm Renders Health Center In Kalba Roofless; Authorities Call For Urgent Support



Authorities of the St. Joseph Health Centre in Kalba, in the Savannah Region, are also appealing for support to reopen the facility after it was closed down following a rainstorm that hit the community on Saturday, March 19, 2022. The health centre in Kalba in the Sawla-Tuna-Kalba District was closed down after the storm ripped


off the roof of the facility. Authorities warn of a health crisis if the facility is not fixed immediately, as it is a major facility that also serves over 40,000 people in 65 communities. The rainstorm on Saturday evening in Kalba ripped off the roofs of a number of buildings in the area. The facility lost documents, drugs, mattresses,



among others, as the incident compelled authorities to discharge patients who were on admission. When visited the facility, patients who had travelled from other communities for treatment were left stranded. At this moment, we cannot offer any service as the building is not in good shape. The wind has lifted



the roofing sheet to the maternity block, making it very unsafe. No delivery can be carried out in the labour room. We are traumatised even as staff. Patients are here yet, we cannot offer our services to them. We call on all well-meaning Ghanaians who care about the health sector to come to our aid. He warned of health





crises in the area if the facility is not reopened in a short time. In terms of logistics, we had to collect all the drugs when the rain began, and we are not sure how good they are now to even serve our patients. We are a referral hospital serving people not only from Ghana but Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso. We are in a desperate



situation now. The Damongo Catholic Diocesan healthy Director, Aiden Ngmenbon said the diocese is overwhelmed at the level of damage and appealed to philanthropists, NGOs and government, as well as the national health insurance authority for support to reopen the facility. It is a trend disaster. On January 18, 2022, this same facility suffered a fire outbreak and the





diocese is still getting logistics to replace the damage. Now, this happened yesterday and has become more burdensome. If we do not get support from people and agencies, it would be disastrous. NGOs, USAID, and all other bodies should support us speedily. It could be in cash or kind; be it money or say building materials. With the services we provide here, any further delay will be bad for the people in the community.