Residents Call For Compensation For Victims Of Odumase-Krobo Shooting

Residents Call For Compensation For Victims Of Odumase-Krobo Shooting



Some residents in the Lower Manya Krobo Municipality are calling on the government and management of the Electricity Company of Ghana to as a matter of urgency compensate people wounded and killed during impasse over prepaid meters. The family of late Thomas Partey, who died from a gunshot wound, in the 2019, is one of


the families residents believe deserve compensation. He was shot during a demonstration over electricity bills in Odumase-Krobo. The tensions with the ECG have also continued into 2022 and military personnel with the ECG were recently accused of brutalities as they then tried to install the prepaid meters. Some residents believe the



unresolved issue of compensation is contributing to the current tensions. One said the executive needed to take an interest in the compensation concerns. We need the president to talk about this issue. None of his officials has spoken on this issue since 2019. The person was shot and sent to the hospital. The person was buried in



2020, but nothing was done about it. No compensation. We need the ECG or the government to come and so that they will call the family and discuss all issues, another resident said. Kofi Zandor, a presiding member of the assembly, believes the compensation will bring some calm to the agitated Krobo communities. If justice is not



seen to be served to those people, it will also go a long way in solving this problem, he said. Jonathan Narh, a youth leader, complained that the impasse with ECG had contributed to insecurity in the area.