Retract Derogatory Comments Against Enchi - Youth To Suspended Sekondi-Takoradi MCE

Retract Derogatory Comments Against Enchi  - Youth To Suspended Sekondi-Takoradi MCE



The Concerned Enchi Youth has expressed its disgust by comments on the township by the embattled MCE for Sekondi-Takoradi, Abdul-Mumin Issah. The Sekondi-Takoradi MCE in an altercation with a police officer, who stopped him for driving for an alleged reckless driving was heard in a tape threatening to transfer him to Enchi.


The MCE was said saying, is it me you are arresting, I’ll transfer you to Enchi. This, the Concerned Enchi Youth said, is disheartened and also disappointed with the utterance by the MCE. We, the people of the Enchi take great offense at what we consider discriminatory words from the MCE by threatening to transfer the said officer



to Enchi, is he trying to suggest that Enchi which is the capital of Aowin Municipal is a place where government workers are transferred to in order to punish them?. The youth group is this demanding an immediate retraction of the defamatory and derogatory comments. It also wants the MCE to as a matter of urgency, render an



unqualified apology. We, the concerned therefore, also demand an unqualified apology from the MCE and also retract his words. It has however threatened to take legal action against him should he not heed to their call. Failure on his part to heed to our demand, we’ll implore all legal means to make sure our dignity as indigenes of



Aowin is protected. Abdul-Mumin Issah is currently being prosecuted in court over the said altercation between him and a police officer, one Superintendent Andrew Sarfo near the Kwesimintsim Cemetery on the Thursday, February 3, 2022. The MCE was heard in tape and circulated on social media in which he was heard



among other things threatening the police officer with a transfer to Enchi. He also described the police officer as ugly and said he would have beaten him to death when the officer challenged him for driving on the shoulders of the road to move past a police snap checkpoint. The officer was heard challenging the MCE’s authority to



disrespect and threaten him. President Nana Akufo Addo consequently ordered his suspension from office pending an inquiry into the incident. Meanwhile, Abdul-Mumin Issah is confident that he will be exonerated.