Roads flooded as heavy downpour hits Coast region

Roads flooded as heavy downpour hits Coast region
A traffic jam along Makupa Causeway in Mombasa on November 12, 2019 following floods caused by heavy rains.

The most affected areas in Mombasa are Bombolulu, Likoni, Mshomoroni, Jomvu, Kiembeni and parts of the central business district.

Several business premises along Mombasa’s Moi Avenue are flooded as a result of the heavy rains.

Activities at some fuel stations along Jomo Kenyatta Avenue have been paralysed as they are flooded.

Doctors in the region have warned that the rain waters may lead to an outbreak of waterborne diseases.

“The rain water flows together with sewage and residents in flood-prone areas are likely to be affected by the contaminated water,” Dr Levin Shikanda said.

The Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) expressed fears that if the rains persists for the whole day, most parts of Mombasa and Kilifi counties will be flooded.


A flooded fuel station

A flooded fuel station along Jomo Kenyatta Avenue in Mombasa on November 12, 2019.