Robbers Crash Stolen Car

Robbers Crash Stolen Car



The KNUST Police in Kumasi are hunting for three suspected robbers, who snatched a private car for a robbery operation. The runaway suspects successfully snatched an unregistered Toyota Altis vehicle from its owner around 7:45pm at CCC Ayigya on 28/10//2022. They (robbers) then fixed a fake number plate on the


vehicle and started operating as a taxi to lure and rob unsuspecting passengers who would board the fake taxi. Two female midwifery students of KNUST, unknowingly boarded the vehicle (fake taxi) and the hoodlums attempted to rob them at Kotei-Deduako but they failed miserably. A police report disclosed that the two female



students fiercely resisted the robbery attack, attracting the attention of some Good Samaritans, who quickly came to the aid of the girls. One person in a car and another one on a motor bike, reportedly, gave the robbers a wild chase. The robbers, accidentally, crashed the car in a ditch and fled from the scene. The Good Samaritans



then called the KNUST Police and informed them about the failed robbery operation and they (police) rushed to Kotei-Deduako. “On 28/10/2022 at about 19:45 hours, a distress call was received from Control/Ash to the effect that a car has ran into a ditch at Kotei. “Consequently, KNUST Taskforce proceeded to D&D Kiddie Care at



Kotei-Deduako. The team intercepted and brought to KNUST police station a Toyota Altis Taxi with registration No. GE 3101-21 with victims Anastasia Opare aged 31 and Joana Offei aged 26, both BSc Midwifery Students of KNUST.” The victims informed the police that they boarded the said taxi at Tech Junction with three young



men on board to Crystal Hostel at Ayeduase New Site. “That on the way, the men attacked them in an attempt to rob them of their phones and belongings and when they got to their destination, the driver refused to stop and sped off to another direction.” They added that some good Samaritans who were on a motor bike and a private



car, gave the said taxi a hot chase until the driver ran the taxi into a ditch, abandoned the taxi and escaped. The Good Samaritans called police who quickly responded, rescued and brought them to the KNUST Police Station for necessary action. It said “statements were obtained from the victims after which they were sent to their hostel by the Police Patrol Team. Investigation is still ongoing.”