Sanction Officers Involved In Lamashegu Clash – Haruna Iddrisu To Police

Sanction Officers Involved In Lamashegu Clash – Haruna Iddrisu To Police



The Minority Leader, Haruna Iddrisu is demanding firm action from the Northern Regional Security Council and the Police Command to stem the rise in police brutality. His comments come days after youth of Lamashegu in Tamale rioted in protest against alleged indiscriminate shooting by a Police officer after a hot pursuit of driver,


which led to the killing of one and injuring of several others. Making a statement on the floor of Parliament, Haruna Iddrisu expressed regret about the incident. The police are too quick to use excessive force. The number of police brutalities has increased over the years. We are concerned too about the rising cases and if it is not



checked, it may lead to civil unrest. We have also had enough of the unjustified violence on the citizens of Tamale. We call on the police command to accept full responsibility for the unprofessional conduct of their officers who shot live ammunition in Lamashegu and identify the principal actors and also deal with them in



accordance with the law. The Police and residents on Sunday afternoon clashed after officers allegedly shot a 24 year old man for also refusing to stop when police ordered him to. Initial reports indicated that a wounded man was then chased to the Lamashegu Chief’s Palace, where he was shot by the officers. The incident resulted



in the burning of car tyres and wood on some major highways in the Tamale. Some agitated residents also hurled stones at the police patrol team that was at the scene to restore calm. So far six police officers have been interdicted over the issue.