Scrap Nurses And Teacher Trainee Allowances - Agyeman-Duah To Government

Scrap Nurses And Teacher Trainee Allowances - Agyeman-Duah To Government



A former Senior Governance Adviser also at the United Nations, Prof. Baffour Agyeman-Duah has advised the government to review a number of policies including the nurses trainee allowance. On Wednesday, Mr. Agyeman-Duah noted that despite the fact that paying nurses allowance was a political promise by the President it is


unsustainable. It was scrapped and introduced again so I think now it has to be scrapped. Yes, it was a political promise and now we can’t sustain it financially. As we are spanning nurses education it means the financial support will have to be widened, he stated. Agyeman-Duah asked if the government will want to continue



paying nurses and teacher allowance where will he get the money from? He, however, urged the Ghanaian voter to also question politicians when they mount political platforms with unrealistic promises. Especially, you the media, you should subject their promises to serious scrutiny in discussions such as this. On how they will



want to fool the public, the Governance Expert advised. He continued First politicians, I hope they are learning these lessons but unfortunately, historically we don’t find politicians learning from their history. Its power, because to get power you have to say something to get the people behind you. When you have a gullible public



then anything you say perhaps will immediately attract cheers. I think the lessons to learn from this too is that while politicians have to give promises their promises should be realistic.