Shortage Of Chalks, Other Learning Materials Hit Schools

Shortage Of Chalks, Other Learning Materials Hit Schools



Some head teachers of some basic schools across the country are complaining about the shortage of chalks, teachers’ notebooks, textbooks and other stationery. The shortage, they said, is also affecting teaching and learning in schools for the academic year. The situation is so dire such that students are reportedly made to buy


their own chalk to school. Some head teachers who spoke on tuesday, on condition of anonymity, said they have not received any chalk since the beginning of the term. According to them, they sometimes had to use their personal resources to purchase chalks. I spent close to GH¢300 on chalks and makers last term and



the Capitation Grant has not been released to pay the debt, a concerned head teacher bemoaned. He said he won’t be able to pre-finance to buy chalk and other stationary materials because it is affecting my personal finances. The situation, he stated, is getting out of hand and they will be forced to close schools if the Ghana



Education Service (GES) does not intervene. However, he indicated that head teachers should use part of the previous terms’ Capitation Grant to deal with the situation. Reacting to this, Western North Education Director, Stephen Owusu, expressed shock at the supposed shortage of chalks in his region. He indicated that no school from the district or region has made



request for chalks hence found it strange the same teachers were complaining in the media. Assuming without admitting that there is shortage, the Western North Education Director said the head teachers have been given the power to use their Capital Grant to buy chalks. We have not received any request for chalk but diligent monitoring would be made in the districts to ascertain those in need, he said.