Special phone numbers for police complaints activated

Special phone numbers for police complaints activated



As promised, the police have activated hotlines to enable the public to file complaints of police misconduct on the road.The hotline numbers are 0550323323 (voice calls and SMS only) 0275000156 (voice calls and SMS only) and 020 663 9121 (WhatsApp/videos only)



A statement issued and signed by the Director-General of Public Affairs, Assistant Commissioner of Police, David Eklu, said this initiative became necessary as a result of complaints by the pubic of unprofessional behaviour of officers on duty.



He urged the public “to give maximum cooperation and wish to assure the public that such complaints when received will be expeditiously dealt with.”The activation of these numbers followed directives issued in October by the Inspector General of Police (IGP) to mitigate police misconduct on the road.



“All road users are encouraged to send videos of police misconduct, including pictures, WhatsApp, text messages and voice calls on police unprofessional conduct and good conduct worth emulating,” the statement said.



The statement also included the units assigned to act on behalf of the police regarding road and traffic-related issues



“The Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD) is the mandated unit in charge of road and motor issues. Personnel of the unit are identified in white tunic over black trousers, with a peaked cap or combo as headgear. They sometimes wear reflective jackets on their top uniforms to enhance visibility”.